Why I like Loweswater

18 March 2014

Loweswater is a cute lake but not many people can be bothered to go there and have a look – and that’s good for those of us who can. Here’s a few reasons why I like Loweswater.
Peace and quiet

Peace and quiet

As we all know, in the summer, The Lake District can get a bit packed on the main routes, so if you want a bit of tranquillity Loweswater is the place for you.

Loweswater, and its buddy Ennerdale, are the last two lakes heading west towards the delights of Frizington and Distington and location must be the only reason they’re overlooked, because they’re both gorgeous.

Walk up Hen Comb in August and feel what loneliness really is.

The Walks

For these walks you can park at Maggie’s Bridge but I always prefer to park at Kirkstile Inn for reason that will become obvious if you read on. There are some good walks for kids that aren’t that strenuous and with a little effort you can still get great views.
Holme Wood
This is a short walk through the wood with good paths along the lake shore. There's a great waterfall, Holme Force, but you’ll have to hunt around the wood for a bit to find it. Not that difficult since you need a beck and there's only one.
Walk around the lake
An almost completely flat walk though Holme Wood and back round. It does involved about 10 minutes of road walking on a twisty road.
Carling Knott Loop
This is a little bit more strenuous but for the effort the views over Loweswater and Grasmoor are great. If you're taking the kids there's a couple of Haribo sections.
Mellbreak, Hen Comb, Gavel Fell, Blake Fell and Burnbeck Fell
If you want something more substantial, try this and get five Wainwrights in one.

The Spiritual Home of Loweswater Gold

Walking and tranquility are one thing, but there's another attraction - Loweswater Gold. Loweswater Gold is the greatest beer ever invented and it was once brewed in a brewery at Kirkstile Inn. If I was a professional beer taster I would be using words like ‘woody’ or ‘oaky’ but I’m not so you’ll have to settle for ‘gets you drunky.’ If you’re in the Lake District and you fancy an alcoholic beverage, you need to try Loweswater Gold, even better go to Loweswater and try it in its spiritual home.

Kirkstile Inn

According to their website they have ‘one of the most famous bars in the Lake District, and one of the greatest beer gardens.’ I like humility, and being one of the best looking and intelligent men in The Lake District I know you’ll value my opinion when I confirm this extravagant statement.

On a sunny day, after a walk up Mellbreak, a pint of Loweswater Gold sitting on a table in the beer garden outside the Kirkstile Inn is what you want to see. Leave that one alone and go inside and get your own.

Other Loweswater Facts

Length: 1 mile

Depth: 60 feet

Unique: It’s the only lake that drains towards the centre of the Lake District.

There’s Red Squirrels…yey.

You can hire rowing boats

It’s got a bothy right by the lake and the photo above shows the view.
Bothy Information

After you've read this destroy your computer, we don't want too many people knowing about it.

Thanks for reading.

Ian Young

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