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A couple of Trail Designs Sidewinder Reviews:
"Windproof, easy to use and ultralight, this stove unit has seen more use that any other in recent years....' Chris Townsend, TGO Magazine, Spring 2015
"a well crafted reliable product that has few, if any'll be hard pressed to find a better alcohol stove system" Trail Groove, April 2012
Duke of Edinburgh Award Gear List
Our old stock is listed here, all of it brand new but discounted because it's a few years old. It's still amazing kit.

Gossamer Gear Mariposa Plus RucksackGossamer Gear Mariposa Plus Rucksack
The Mariposa™ Plus continues the ultra-lightweight backpacking revolution with the same incredible array of important features at a weight of just over a pound! This is the same great pack as the original but constructed of ripstop nylon for added durability while keeping the weight penalty to about 3 ounces.
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Price £80 .00

Gossamer Gear Miniposa RucksackGossamer Gear Miniposa Rucksack
The 2011 Miniposa™ continues the revolutionary ways of lightweight rucksacks with the same incredible array of important features plus a reduced volume for all of you true minimalists out there who still want most of the features of the Mariposa™ line. We love the way this pack carries, its slimmer profile makes for a very controlled load that doesn't move around on your back but still allows 5 days worth of food and gear to be carried comfortably.
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Price £70.00

Gossamer Gear Mariposa RucksackGossamer Gear Mariposa Rucksack
The ultra lightwieght Mariposa builds on the popular features of the stalwart G4 backpack, effectively incorporating the "dual use" technique of ultra lightweight backpacking. Your sleeping pad (NightLight™, Z-Lite™/Z-Rest™, Thermarest® 3/4 length, or other 20"-wide pad) becomes part of the pack frame by inserting into the back of the pack
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Price £50.00

Gossamer Gear G4 RucksackGossamer Gear G4 Rucksack
The G4 is designed to effectively incorporate the "dual use" technique of ultralight backpacking. Your sleeping pad (NightLight™ torso, Z-Lite™/Z-Rest™, Thermarest® 3/4 length, or other 20"-wide pad) becomes the pack frame by inserting into the back of the pack. This way it can be extracted during rest stops to sit/lay on without unpacking your pack.
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Price £40.00

Terra Nova Laser Photon 1 - 2011Terra Nova Laser Photon
The Laser Photon 1 is the Guiness World Record Holder for the lightest two-skin tent commercially available. Breaking new ground for lightweight tents Terra Nova have created the definitive racing tent for Mountain Marathons and Adventure Races.
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RRP £400.00
Price £280.00

Thermarest ProLite Sleeping Pad - Short LengthThermarest ProLite Sleeping Pad - Short Length
ProLite™ mattresses are tailor-made for anyone seeking three-season comfort with a priority on minimal weight, maximum compactness and, of course, quality. Now lighter and more compact than the previous ProLite 3 mattresses.
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RRP £80.00
Price £59.99

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Here's some of our most popular articles:
Project Wild ThingProject Wild Thing

Just learnt about Project Wild Thing and joined The Wild Network. It’s a project to get kids outdoors and it’s something I’ve been trying to do with my children for the last ten years (without them moaning too much and me putting them off for life).

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Autumn Gear ListAutumn Gear List

The Lake District isn’t the harshest place in the universe (that’s HD189773b, a planet with 4000mph winds that rains glass) but on some days in autumn it can get a little chilly. So I’ve threw my shorts and polyester tees in the bottom of the wardrobe to fester for the winter and dug out my warmer stuff.

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October in The Lake DistrictOctober in The Lake District

I love The Lake District all year round, but I think October is one of my favourite months. This is not going to be me poo pooing the tourists because I like the tourists. This is about trees and remoteness and Mars Bars and crispiness...

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10 Free Apps for the Outdoors10 Free Apps for the Outdoors

I don't usually like using technology when I'm hiking. I like the peace and quiet of the outdoors, I like good old fashioned maps and a compass, I like the sound of my boots on rock and the rustle of wind in my trousers - that didn't sound quite right but you get the picture. When you're hiking you're hiking, it's an experience in itself - you don't need technical stimulation because what the outdoors provides is good enough.

But, after saying all that, I do love my iPhone. And there are some great apps about that might just, only slightly, make the outdoors even better.

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How to use a compass.How to use a compass.

An outdoor blog wouldn’t be an outdoor blog if it didn’t have a little section on how to use a compass. In the summer, most of the time in the Lake District, I don’t need to use my compass, but when it gets to this time of year, when the clouds come down or the wind blows up a load of snow, it’s a useful skill to have.

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Noisy Bike MaintenanceNoisy Bike Maintenance

My bike has started making noises again. I hate that. I fitted a new rear cassette and chain about a week ago and there are two distinct sounds now - a jangle and a creak. It didn't do it when I first changed the cassette but now, 60 miles later, it does and it's bugging me. Noise can tell you a lot about a bike...

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How Many Jackets do you Actually Need?How Many Jackets do you Actually Need?

The pole in our hall cupboard looks really fed up. It’s been straining for years to hold the weight of all of our jackets and now has a deep bend in the centre that looks close to snapping . There must be 40 jackets in there, not ski jackets, they’re in the spare bedroom, and not fancy ‘nights out’ jackets they’re in the cupboard next to it – these are just our ‘outdoor’ jackets. But how many outdoor jackets do you really need?

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Wainwright - The Miserable YearsWainwright - The Miserable Years

Alfred Wainwright didn’t start work on his first pictorial guide until he was 45 years old, what was he playing at? What was he doing for those 45 long years? The answer is: being miserable...

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Why I like LoweswaterWhy I like Loweswater

Loweswater is a cute lake but not many people can be bothered to go there and have a look – and that’s good for those of us who can. Here’s a few reasons why I like Loweswater.

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My Best Lake District PubsMy Best Lake District Pubs

Thought I'd compile a list of my best Lake District pubs. A lot of these choices are based on the places I go hiking, cycling or camping the most, which is Langdale and Borrowdale and various places that force me to go to Tweedies Bar afterwards.

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UK Adventurers with Decent WebsitesUK Adventurers with Decent Websites

As the title of this post implies, I've put together a list of all the UK adventurers with decent websites. So, get ready, the list is complete and I can now reveal... there's only three

Yep. I was as disappointed as you. Only three.

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There's Four Kendal Mint Cakes in KendalThere's Four Kendal Mint Cakes in Kendal

Did you know there are four different mint cakes produced in Kendal? I’m a Cumbrian and I didn’t know this. I don’t know why I didn’t know because from birth every time I went outside or was exposed to hills and fields my Mum shove a piece in my face - ‘that’ll keep yer going, lad.’

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Look After Your Carbon Fibre Bike FrameLook After Your Carbon Fibre Bike Frame

I own a Cannondale Synapse Carbon 105 and I love it, but all my ‘metal framed’ friends are always going on about how the frame will snap from under me when I’m doing 40 down the Caldbeck to Wigton hill. Naturally, at that speed, I’m a bit worried about my handle bars and front forks leaving me and the rest of the bike behind, so I’ve tried to find out the truth.

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The 'Barren and Frightful' Lake DistrictThe 'Barren and Frightful' Lake District

Those old Lake District poets liked to exaggeration a bit but how dare they call our beautiful national park a ‘barren and frightful’ place... unless of course it was.

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How To Make Your Old Bike Go FasterHow To Make Your Old Bike Go Faster.

Over the years I found the single most effective way of making your bike go faster is to pedal faster. If you’ve tried that and it hasn’t worked then it’s time to blame your bike. Before you raid your shoebox and rush out with £2000 in your desperate mitt, let me tell you this one important thing...

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2 Hour FellFix - Stony Cove Pike2 Hour FellFix - Stony Cove Pike

At least once a week I need to get out into The Cumbrian Fells or I start feeling a bit rambunctious, but often with kids and work and hoovering, there isn’t enough time to get out there for a good six hour hike so this has been my solution over the years - a 2 Hour FellFix

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Mallory’s Everest Clothing 1924Mallory’s Everest Clothing 1924

It’s always good to take a glance at the past just to see how we’re doing now. When you look at those old photos of Mallory and Irvine’s expedition up Everest in 1924, it’s easy to think they just found an old pair of boots in the pantry, threw their dads’ tweed jackets on and set off up the mountain - but if you thought that, you’re about to feel pretty thick.

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Lake District BlogsLake District Blogs

I have a few favourite Lake District blogs that I look in on frequently and I've listed them below. But I was having a look around for more blogs that concentrate on The Lake District just to see what was out there...

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Nanotechnology and the OutdoorsNanotechnology and the Outdoors

Nanotechnology sounds super exciting. In my mind it implies complex microscopic machines, in fact, atomic factories with some sort of miniscule propulsion system that transforms things or cleans things or finds and destroys things, all at a sub-atomic level. When I see it in outdoor clothing I go crazy...

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Food on The FredFood on The Fred

I did the Fred Whitton Challenge in 2012. It's a cycling challenge that includes Kirkstone, Honister, Newlands, Whinlatter, Hardknott and Wrynose passes and a 112 miles of amazing Lake District county side. I'm happy to use the word 'gruelling', I could even stretch to 'excruciating' if you pushed me (and I wish you had when I got to Hardknott), here's what got me through it....

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Vicious Pregnant Blood-SuckersVicious Pregnant Blood-Suckers

This isn’t the headline of an article I wrote for Mother and Baby magazine, I’m talking about midges. If you’ve ever been bitten by a midge, it was a pregnant female one. It wasn’t just being nasty and hormonal; your blood is essential to feed her developing eggs, in that way her children can grow during the winter, pupate, hatch and bite you some more next year.

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The 10 Lightest Hiking Stoves available in the UK – June 2015The 10 Lightest Hiking Stoves available in the UK – June 2015

When you’re buying a stove, the weight of the actual stove is the least of your problems, unless it’s your grandma’s AGA. In all of the products I’ve listed below the heaviest cooking related item is always the fuel, so it seems pointless just to concentrate on the stove weight when the real issue is the cooking system weight.

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Real Windermere Mythical Creature (we have the evidence)Real Windermere Mythical Creature (we have the evidence)

The Lake District has a lot of myths and strange creatures. We have ghostly armies on Souther Fell, we have scary monks, we have horses dragging coffins and stone circles that will come to life if you count them. But where’s the evidence?

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Sunlight: It's not that good for youSunlight: It's not that good for you

I went for a quick walk up Carrock Fell at the weekend and got a bit burnt on the back of my neck. I'm not complaining, I'm just saying. I have bluey-white Cumbrian skin so I put on plenty of sun tan cream but still the deadly rays got through. How?

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5 Ways to Combat Downhill Knee Pain5 Ways to Combat Downhill Knee Pain

I inherited my great grandfathers knees, they’re 143 years old and they felt it coming down Place Fell last week. I can walk forever on the flat (slight exaggeration) and for days uphill (massive exaggeration) but coming down, some days it feels like someone’s shoved a load of broken glass under my knee caps...

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Outdoor Etiquette: Hiking Chit-ChatOutdoor Etiquette: Hiking Chit-Chat

I know we all go on The Fells to get away from the hustle and bustle of life, nevertheless, when you’re walking, I think it’s essential that you talk to your fellow hikers. I’m not saying swap emails and get out your wedding photos, I’m saying you should always acknowledge someone if you’re walking right passed them...

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Keswick Mountain Festival - 15th - 19th May 2013Keswick Mountain Festival - 15th - 19th May 2013

It’s the Keswick Mountain Festival again, how did that happen so quickly. I love the Keswick Mountain Festival, but, like all big events, you need to bring both your spirit of adventure and your Vango Contour 60L rucksack full of money (it’s sturdy and will carry up to 30Kg). But don't panic there's loads of freebies...

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Microadventure: Cooking Sausages in the RainMicroadventure: Cooking Sausages in the Rain

I love Alastair Humphreys’ microadventures idea and it works great with my kids. If I say ‘let’s go for a walk’ it’s the same as if I’d said ‘please hack your leg off with a blunt sabre’. If I say ‘let’s have an adventure’ at least they ask what kind of adventure, then it’s a discussion. Here's our microadventure...

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Shock News: It's Cloudy in The LakesShock News: It's Cloudy in The Lakes

I spend a lot of time in the outdoors and I spend even more time staring out of my office window, so I should know more about clouds than I do. Right now there’s some dark grey fluffy ones, one looks like Concorde with spines, another looks like a cow giving birth. In between these there is lighter grey whispiness. What the ‘eck are these things?

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Is Strava just for big fat show offs?Is Strava just for big fat show offs?

Strava is a tracking system for cyclists and runners. It allows you to compare your times with other people’s times on a leader board. I know my place in the Strava world - mid table. I don’t like being last on the leaderboards and I’ve no chance of being first, so mid table is where I belong. But is it just showing off?

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Wild Camping in The Lake DistrictWild Camping in The Lake District

You know when a total stranger camps in your garden without permission, in full view of your patio doors, then starts a fire on your lawn, then stuffs a few empty beer cans into your rockery then leaves it all for you to tidy up the next day, that’s a little bit annoying isn’t it? But some people think that’s okay. It's not...

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Walking with ChildrenWalking with Children

I am currently undertaking the most difficult challenge of my life – getting my kids to walk for more than an hour. We’ve been walking in the fells for years and some days it’s great and others, like last night near Caldbeck, it’s not so great. Here's my findings...

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Comfy Lightweight Sleeping MatsComfy Lightweight Sleeping Mats

I have trouble sleeping in my own king-sized bed at home so imagine what I’m like hiking. If possible I would carry my Coleman Comfort airbed and rechargeable pump with me always, but since it weighs 2.3 kg and won’t fit in my tent, I don't. Here's my thoughts on comfy lightweight sleeping mats...

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Treatment for blistered feetTreatment for blistered feet

While browsing the outdoor forums I noticed a few threads about treatment for blistered feet. These threads should have a ‘Are you 18 or over?’ pop up box to protect us sensitive types, it's gruesome...

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How to find an airbed leakHow to find an airbed leak

Over the winter, three of our airbeds decided to spring leaks. They were all sitting in the cupboard in the same bag, maybe I should have separated them because this seems like a group effort to me. This is how I fixed them...

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Which Baselayer is the Smelliest?Which Baselayer is the Smelliest?

When we owned the shop in Keswick we got a lot of people through the door who had spent a week on the fells without scraping out their arm pits or changing their under garments. I did a little survey and asked the whiffiest people what baselayers they were wearing – don’t cringe, I was subtle...

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Three Peaks WalkThree Peaks Walk

Me and Doug did The Three Peaks Walk a couple of years ago (2011) on the Bank Holiday in August. We did it with 10 minutes to spare, so no problem at all... Here’s a list of don’ts to help your day go smoother:

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Is owning a tent carpet pitiful?Is owning a tent carpet pitiful?

Yes, is the answer – if you’re Ranulph Fiennes. But I’m not, so no is my answer. Here’s my justification for, in the eyes of Ranulph, being pitiful and owning a tent carpet (well two actually but don’t tell Ranulph).

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Softshell or Hardshell?Softshell or Hardshell?

First of all let’s get this obvious question out of the way – what is a softshell? I’m going to manage your expectation here and tell you you’re going to be disappointed with the answer. Here it is: a softshell is similar to a hardshell only softer...

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The Best Time and Place to Camp in the UKThe Best Time and Place to Camp in the UK

To give you the best chance of having a good experience I’ve done some research for you and I’m about to tell you the exact place and exact time to camp in mainland UK to have that amazing experience...

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Deciphering Waterproof Jacket LabelsDeciphering Waterproof Jacket Labels

So you go into a shop with forty-eleven jackets hanging up. Your first instinct is: the moroccan blue with the burnt sienna cuffs looks amazing I’ll have that one, but you can’t. Not in a specialist outdoor clothing shop. It’s not what it looks like – it’s what it does. That’s right isn’t it? So you start reading all the labels...

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What's the cheapest way of cooking sausages?What's the cheapest way of cooking sausages?

It's a rule - when you go camping you have to cook sausages. The kids will demand it and there is no way you can disappoint those little cherubs. Don't worry though, you don't have to break open your jar of twenty pences, here's how to do it on the cheap...

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The Lightest 50 Litre Rucksacks - April 2013The Lightest 50 Litre Rucksacks - April 2013

I love my 50 litre Golite Jam rucksack, we only sleep together on camping trips (and maybe the occasional night at home when I’m lonely), but we have a reasonable relationship and a mutual respect for each other. I think 50 litres is the perfect size for a few days hiking in the summer...

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How Gore-Tex Really WorksHow Gore-Tex Really Works

Yonks ago, W.L. Gore created a thin membrane of expanded PTFE. This membrane was waterproof and amazingly stopped everyone drowning in their own perspiration by letting water in gas form out...

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How much grub do you need to munch per day on a 3 day hike?How much grub do you need to munch per day on a 3 day hike?

Because I'm thick, I'm going to let somebody much cleverer than me do the sums. The massively clever T.M. Carpenter wrote a book which hurts my frontal lobe...

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Finally- scientific proof that you need a lighter loadFinally- scientific proof that you need a lighter load

You wouldn't dare argue with Sir Isaac Newton would you? I know he got bonked on the head with an apple but we all do daft things.

The main concern for us walkers is that Newton discovered the reason we need to lighten the load of our rucksacks.

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Hydration - How much fluid should you drink while hiking?Hydration - How much fluid should you drink while hiking?

My usual advice for dehydration in the lakes is open your mouth and tilt your head skywards.

But this weekend it's actually going to be rain free and warm and, for once, there may be a danger of dehydration. So I've included a few dehydration pointers to help you out

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Condensation in single walled tentsCondensation in single walled tents

I don't know about you but when I'm sleeping I find it slightly irritating having water splashed in my face. Because of this little foible, I've decided to offer up a few handy tips on how to keep the waters at bay.

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Camping Gear on a BudgetCamping Gear on a Budget

When you first go camping it can be costly to get all the gear you need, and the problem is you might hate it. This is a quick guide to getting your hands on essential camping gear without spending too much money
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Mummy Sleeping Bags
Square Sleeping Bags
Double Sleeping Bags
Cotton Sleeping Bags
Lightweight Bags
Kids Sleeping Bags
Pop Up Tents
Hiking Tents
1-2 Person Tents
3-4 Person Tents
5+ Person Tents
Single Airbeds
Double Airbeds
Self Inflating Mats
Camping Mats
Electric Pumps
Camping Stoves
Chairs and Tables
Lights and Lanterns
Cook Sets
Picnic Sets
Multi Tools
Top Brands
Helly HansenHelly Hansen provide ultral ightweight techincal outdoor clothing using the lighest, most breathable, waterproof fabrics. The Helly Hansen Sport LIFA baselayers are still the most popular baselayers. The LIFA Cool baselayers take the technology further with its 'water-hating' bi-component knit and the prowool baselayers use Merino wool to keep out the cold and transfer moisture.
GelertGelert Camping Equipment is among the best priced on the market, but don't let this fool you into thinking it's poor quality. Gelert have been in the business a long time and they know how to produce camping equipment that is both well priced and really great quality
CraghoppersCraghoppers kiwi walking trousers and Craghopper kiwi zip off walking trousers have dominated the outdoor clothing market for a decade. Craghoppers provide versatile, lightweight outdoor clothing that keep you comfortable and protected in the outdoors.
ColemanColeman have been producing camping equipment for over a 100 years. Starting with the famous Coleman lanterns they have expanded their range to tents and stoves and sleeping bags. You will not be disappointed with Coleman products.
MontaneMontane is a company run by people with a passion for the outdoors and outdoor clothing for sports and travel. All Montane products are as lightweight and as breathable as possible. Lightweight comfortable outdoor clothing can massively enhance your experience of the outdoors.
ColumbiaColumbia Sportswear use its Omni Tech technology to consistently provided outdoor clothing that is waterproof and breathable in extreme condition. Columbia have a selection of waterproof jackets and lightweight fleeces that will work for you.
Bolle Ski GogglesBolle Ski Goggles and Bolle sunglasses collection have high performance polycarbonate lenses that are lightweight and shatter resistant. Bolle ski goggles are the amonst the best ski goggles in the world at very good prices
TrespassTrespass Ski Clothing may be incredibly well priced but the fabric and quality of these outdoor products is very high. Trespass create outdoor clothing that will perform in every weather. They are based in Scotland... say no more.

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